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Search Engine Optimization
What is search engine optimization? Quite simply, search engine optimization is the process of increasing targeted traffic to your web site by increasing the number of qualified referrals from search engines. Since search engine results are in a constant state of fluctuation, your ranking is impacted by what other web-sites are doing, our search engine optimization efforts to improve your ranking are constantly being monitored and adjusted as needed.

Srijani Webtech Search Engine Optimization Services Include:

Keyword Research and Selection - We work with you to fully understand what your target audience is, and through research identify the keywords phrases that will bring the most qualified traffic to your web site based on competitiveness, popularity and relevance.

Website Content Enhancement - We develop and enhance your website's content and navigational structure to make your site more appealing to search engines. Srijani Webtech will rewrite your existing web site text to make the copy more focused on the keywords to be used. We can incorporate Meta tags and other positioning tactics into the structure of the web-site.
Index ability Audit - Uncover any obstacles that a search engine spider might encounter when trying to index your site and remove them so all the pages on your site can be crawled.

Link Popularity Enhancement - Increase and improve the quantity and quality of external websites that link to pages on your site in order to enhance your site's visibility within search engines. Link building is a critical component of quality Search engine optimization. To a search engine, a "link" constitutes a vote for a site, thereby increasing the site's relevance and ranking. We perform custom research to build links for your site that will bring in additional, highly-targeted traffic.

Ongoing Optimization - Your search engine ranking is impacted by what other web-sites are doing, search results are in a constant state of fluctuation. We will continually monitor your rankings and make adjustments as needed.
Reporting -Srijani Webtech's emailed monthly reports provide you with both a high-level executive summary and detailed drill-downs for a more specific view of your search engine optimization program's results.
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